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Organic biostimulant. Nourishes body with vitamins, micro and macro elements. Contains more than 60% of vegetable protein. Lowers cholesterol level, rejuvenates the body.

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Spirulina Al'gos is cultivated in a bio-factory according to the high international standard ISO 22000 in a closed circuit of a glass tube phyto-bioreactor. The technology used allows to eliminate contamination and ingress of harmful toxic substances. The factory uses water from an artesian well, which undergoes extra filtration. An isolated circuit allows to ensure complete sterility of the production process. There are no analogues in the world. Patented technology.

Increases immunity, promotes oxygen saturation of tissues, tones the body, reduces blood cholesterol level, regulates digestion and metabolism, improves the activity of all internal organs, has an anti-inflammatory effect, enhances energy processes, improves the activity of thyroid gland. Use of product increases immunity, strengthens nervous, cardiovascular, digestive systems, nourishes the body with vitamins, tones it, strengthens muscle and bone tissues, normalizes the intestinal microflora. Improves the condition, fights against atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, heart failure.

Natural protein, antioxidants, vitamins - including the whole group of vitamins B, beta-carotene, Omega 3, minerals, trace elements, phycocyanin, olive oil, agar-agar shell.

2-3 capsules 3 times a day with food.

Individual intolerance to the components.

Tip: Store our vitamins in a refrigerator and chew them while consuming. Works effectively if taken as a set with Humi Al'gos. Not a medicine.

70 g

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