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Humi + Al’gos
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Humi + Al’gos

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Обновленный Humi Al’gos. Очищает от токсинов, укрепляет иммунитет и замедляет старение. Read product reviews

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Humi + Al’gos


Очищает и омолаживает организм, регулирует обмен веществ, корректирует вес, повышает работоспособность, восстанавливает работу внутренних органов, улучшает иммунитет и мозговую активность, укрепляет и улучшает структуры волос и кожи. Необходим для поддержания тонуса, красоты и здоровья.


Humi + (Гуми +) — это продвинутая версия нашего органического детокса Humi. Помимо гуминовых и фульвовых кислот, масла черного тмина, оливкового масла, более 20 натуральных аминокислот (8 из которых незаменимые), минералов, микро и макроэлементов и оболочки из агар-агара, мы добавили гиматомелановую кислоту и экстракт куркумы Curcuma longa L для усиления и расширения диапазона эффективности детокса.

Humi + Al’gos
Humi + Al’gos

Humi + (Гуми +) содержит в своем составе все необходимые питательные вещества для нормального метаболизма человека. Основная функция этого бальзама – восстановление иммунитета. Главной особенностью Humi + является способность обеспечить активный синтез необходимых для организма белков (вкл. HSP) и витаминов, участвующих в дальнейшем биогенезе гормонов, восстанавливающих организм, что, в свою очередь, предотвращает преждевременное старение и обеспечивает регенерацию больных органов.



Everyone probably knows that tongue is a mirror of the body! So my mirror was not in the best shape ... digestive discomfort began since school days, as a student, stomach pain often tormented. I did FGDS (fibrogastroduodenoscopy), was treated, but all improvements were minor... As far as I can remember, I always had such a tongue. You will be horrified! And one evening I deliberately took a photo before taking spirugumi to check if the complex would cope... After 2 months I began to notice that my tongue was clearing. I have been consuming spirulina for the 4th month now. And if I can’t show you my feelings, here goes a photo with my tongue please! Not a drop of photoshop... And why didn’t I take a picture of my bald patches that I acquired during my twins breast-feeding, now you would see the difference. I really want people to know that there is such an effective product, become healthier and stop sparing money on yourself! After all, 666 tenge per day is just a little for the most valuable resource of our life!



The environment has a large impact on our skin and body. My life environment is Beijing, China. Due to the large population, cars, factories, etc., Beijing's ecology is far from perfect. Beijing has very polluted air, in the autumn and winter, 60% of the population does not go outside without a protective mask. Therefore, living in Beijing, I take care of my health much more than I used to do in Kazakhstan. I used to consume a bunch of vitamins, swallowed handfuls of pills, spent a lot of money on cosmetologists, in general I tried everything I could to be healthy and beautiful. Care and decorative cosmetics should always be at the highest level. You can save on clothes, but NEVER save on your face. My favorite now is Algos face mask. By the way, the price just hit me. The mask contains bentonite clay that gently cleanses, tones and nourishes my skin, and a complex of organic oils and natural spirulina normalizes the lipid balance, which helps to improve the production of natural collagen, which means slower wrinkle formation. Fulvic and humic acids have anti-inflammatory and healing effects, and help cope with inflammation. Now my skin is blissed out with pleasure and says “thank you” to me. Therefore, the Algos Face Mask is a multitasking product that is necessary for active skin care. This bag is good for 5-6 applications. For effective use and better penetration of the active substances of the mask into the skin, it is recommended to cleanse the face with a mild Algos Sparkle cleanser before applying the mask. After this treatment, my skin just shines.



For 10 months I was told, "Buy organic vitamins and stop getting sick". But I was looking for excuses, and the lack of money during the maternity leave stopped me. Until I started spending money on antibiotics. You remember from my stories, I got sick very often, and this prompted me to the purchase. Live encapsulated spirulina. This is really a superfood, a storehouse of vitamins and minerals. It turned out that there is a biofactory where spirulina is cultivated in Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan + Switzerland. Previously the product was exported only. Company Bioteknistik, Switzerland. And recently, the products were introduced to the market of Kazakhstan. The world's first live spirulina in capsules. Agar-agar capsules. Live means a multiple increase of nutrients and vitamins absorption, which are more than enough in spirulina! The same difference as picking an apple from a tree or eating a dried one, the first option is more useful. There is no need to write about healthy qualities of spirulina, all information can be read on the Internet. I would like to share my results and feelings. The biggest achievement for me is a life without sweets. For more than a month now I haven’t eaten anything sweet. I just don't feel like I want it. Energy overwhelms me, I fell in love with mountains. You might also have noticed from my stories. I consume spirulina and Humi. Humi is an organic detox, a complex of humic and fulvic acids. I’m going to write a separate review on this product. Although it’s not advisable to separate them, since they complement each other in a complex and enhance their effect. Spirulina and Humi complement each other, and it is advisable to consume them together, this is an organic vitamin complex. All usefulness of spirulina, a protein for building new cells, all this quickly gets into our body and is absorbed under the influence of Humi amino acids. In other words, Humi is the spirulina conductor. All products are 100% organic. In general, I can go on and on with reviews. I am very glad that I discovered the organic vitamins for myself.



I thought and studied everything for a long time, and tried it myself 🤓 I have been consuming our super-vitamins SpiruHumi for 2 months and I’m full of joy. Company Algos is the first and only company that introduced live encapsulated spirulina to the world. And here are my results for 2 months of consumption of SpiruHumi complex: the most important thing for me is vigor. I get up easily in the morning and sleep better. I practically forgot about my low pressure and constant bad feelings; my performance has increased dramatically. Now after the work I can do another 1000 things easily; my stomach problem is gone; my nails became much stronger and grow faster; my hair fall out MUCH lesser and grow faster now. And all this despite of the fact that I wash my hair and style my hair every day; my skin now is something fantastic. I have clean and glowing skin that I have been striving for many-many years. And after a couple of months and voila; our vitamins have a very positive effect on female body and mood in general. But I will write about this to girls and in direct only.



Your health is a clean air, water and food. Get up in the morning with joy, go to bed with a smile. If you are happy and smiling it means you are healthy. Do not cure the disease, cure your life. Live by the laws of nature and mind. When there is no health the wisdom is silent, the art is not blooming, the strength is gone, the wealth and mind are useless.⠀ Herodotus ⠀ Herodotus said wise things. But unfortunately, in today's world, the air, water and food are far from perfect. And you cannot do without health supplements. I have looked for a long time and I found it!!! Among the many dietary supplements and synthetics – the very ORGANIC! Now I feel even healthier than in my student years! No, I’m lying. Than in my school years, when I was a teenager, my immunity suffered severely. At age of 12, I had bronchitis turning into asthma. I was so stuffed with antibiotics that I started to have a serious allergy. Last time I felt all its charms when I started consuming spirulina 🌱 In the meantime, while someone doubts and being skeptical, I will continue to consume spirulina and humi and restore my body! And it may take time! I will tell you: "ORGANIC has the right! For me the main thing is the product purposefulness and safety!"



With all this coronavirus, a real chaos began in pharmacies: so many motley sanitizers and disinfectants appeared on the shelves and in online stores in completely different price categories and from different manufacturers, that at first one did not know where to look first. Then reports began to flash in the news about how people harm themselves with low-quality toxic sanitizers and it became clear that one shouldn't use anything. I was looking for a suitable option for a long time, until I saw a replenishment of the assortment at my beloved Algos - a hand sanitizer and a disinfectant in one. It's a dream! The company I trust solved my problem with a quality and safe remedy. Now I always have "Clean hands" with me :)



Have you ever felt a toxic chemical eating away at the skin of your hands? I just felt - I bought an unknown cheap sanitizer in a store near my house and regretted it so much that I had to call an ambulance. Fortunately, everything worked out. It took only a few months, but I learned a lesson for a lifetime: I deeply studied the topic and now I look at the composition of everything that will touch my skin before buying. So far, no candidate has passed my tough selection, except for "Clean hands" from Algos. Didecyl Dimethyl Ammonium Chloride in the composition is used all over the world for the safe disinfection of objects and surfaces in medical institutions, Polyhexamethyleneguanidine hydrochloride is also used, but for the skin. The proportions in which they are mixed in "Clean hands" are safe. I am writing this because I was burned literally and figuratively, and I don’t want anyone else to experience it. And I am glad that such a high-quality and safe product has appeared on the market!



It's just a delight! I have been looking for a sanitizer from an honest company for a long time, so that it is harmless, alcohol-free and does not damage the skin. What was my pleasant surprise when I saw the sanitizer (and disinfectant!) from Algos. No matter how you say it, this is a brand with a name that I trust. I bought it without hesitation. And I didn’t regret it! After it, the hands are really clean and this pleasant feeling of cleanliness does not leave for a long time. And it's great when you know that your phone, wallet, glasses and other items that you use every day are 100% disinfected and safe. I recommend the "Clean hands" sanitizer from Algos to everyone who has not tried it yet, and to those who have tried it I advise you to use it further. Nothing beats it!

Method of administration

Кушать: взрослым по 3-4 штуки 2 раза в день после еды. Рекомендуется разжевывать капсулы. Минимальный рекомендуемый курс — 3 месяца.

Active ingredient

100 г


Индивидуальная непереносимость компонентов. Если вы принимаете сильные лекарственные/синтетические препараты, находитесь на лечении, необходимо проконсультироваться с врачом или обеспечить промежуток приема лекарства и Humi в 6-10 часов.

Expiration date

1 год. После вскрытия употребить в течении 4-6 недель.

Храните наши витамины в холодильнике и разжевывайте их при потреблении.

Эффективно работает в комплексе со Spirulina Al’gos.

Не является лекарственным средством.



Gum arabic


Humic and fulvic acids with probiotics


Экстракт Curcuma longa L./Turmeric


Гиматомелановая кислота


Olive oil


Cumin seed Oil






Glycerol (veg)


Purified water


экстракт Beta vulgaris